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Efficient communication increases productivity and lowers accidents, absenteeism and turn-over.

Catch the attention of your workers spread across several construction sites, offices or working from home.

Corporadio is a voice-based service to communicate in a warm, human, direct way. It helps CEOs and managers get their teams fully engaged, no matter the location.

All it takes is 12 minutes of your time, twice a month.

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Times have changed. Here is the memo.

The pandemic is affecting both the workforce and the company. It forces us to radically transform the way we work and do business.

Impacts on business

Lower commercial activity that will inevitably lead to lower business.Fiercer competition to keep or win customers and markets.Non-urgent orders delayedTransformation of the ways of working (work from home, etc.)

Impacts on workers

More flexibility required (new product, new process, pay cuts)Asked to do more with less. Asked to work harder.Have to deal with uncertainty, painful work events (layoffs), and their own personal struggles.

As exceptional circumstances require more from the workforce, leaders must step up and manage differently. CEOs and managers need to be more present than ever to lead their teams through these uncharted territories and keep the spirits high.

Fostering an outstanding culture that supports the collective effort has never been more important/urgent. Corporadio will help you build this great culture.

Picture of Lars Svensson CEO at Sh bygg

Lars Svensson
CEO at Sh bygg

“Corporadio is a great way to reach all our workers in just a few minutes. My employees can easily listen to the broadcasts on their mobile, and the voice makes it more personal than written communication.”

Microsoft teams, Slack and emails are project communication tools. They are inadequate for building culture.

Microsoft Teams, Slack, and emails are great for project communication. But they fall short when it comes to truly reaching your employees and building trust with them. They fail at cutting through the noise of the uninterrupted flow of text in the form of chats, memos, and emails.

Workers are already

overwhelmed by written communication

When using written digital communication, you compete against the non-important for your employee's attention.

Nowadays, we all receive countless chats and emails everyday. Both personal and professional.

Corporadio: the right tool to speak to all and build culture.

Connect with your team/workforce in the most natural way possible: through your voice. Easily record voice dispatches with our app and share them instantly with your whole company. Think of it as a private interactive podcast for your team.

Whether your teammates work from home, an office, a construction site, a customer's home, or a factory, using Corporadio guarantees you to catch their attention so you can build the right culture.

Not everybody works in front of a computer all day. And even those who do will tell you that the enjoy a break from it.

With Corporadio, your audio messages are delivered by SMS, which has the best opening rate. One click to listen, another to record a voice message to you. Being there for your employees has never been easier.

people working

Corporadio will help you increase your team's engagement.

How to improve

Culture &
Employee engagement

using Corporadio.

Corporadio works similarly to a mini private podcast for your team or your company.

Our innovative technology allows you to easily record and distribute short audio messages to your team. Episodes can be shared securely on your employees phones, or in your company's chat or newsletter.

Your team can subscribe to your private podcast in less than 3 seconds. No apps or technical knowledge required.

1. Record your episode.

Corporadio shows are usually between 5 and 10 minutes long. But you can record longer messages if you wish to do so.

Recording can be done from the device of your choice, either through the Corporadio directly or any other recording application.

On the go? You can easily record an episode from your phone.

Want more quality? Plug your headphones or a USB microphone to your computer and start recording.

people working

people working

2. Prepare it for distribution.

Once you have your audio message recorded, simply open the Corporadio app to finish your episode.

Give it a title, a short description, and schedule its distribution for your team.

Corporadio allows you to invite your marketing or communication department, so they can assist you in the process of creating these episodes.

3. Your episode is sent securely to your team.

Corporadio sends an SMS containing a magic unique link. By clicking it, your team members are automatically logged in and authorized to listen to your audio message, wherever they are.

SMS is the technology with the highest opening rate. People notice and read text messages as they are categorized as important communication.

people working

Corporadio is easy to use for both the podcaster and their team.

Customer success story

How one of the oldest companies in Sweden’s construction industry is improving its leadership communication with Corporadio.

Sh bygg: a centenary construction company.

Challenge: Create a direct, warm communication channel between the workers of a growing construction company and its CEO.

For companies with hundreds of employees, sometimes spread across several working sites or offices, communicating effectively, directly, and emphatically can prove to be a challenge for the CEO. It has become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise of the uninterrupted flow of text coming at employees in the form of chats, memos, and emails.

Ever-growing Swedish construction company Sh bygg (1.6B SEK in turnover in 2019), employs over 370 people. Its leadership team highly values the workers and always seeks to improve the workplace.

"The company has grown significantly in recent years. It is difficult to maintain the personal contact between all my employees and me, and it becomes too rare for us to see each other.", says Sh bygg’s CEO Lars Svensson. He was looking for an efficient, human way to address the collaborators directly.

construction site with text about Sh bygg

Solution: “A few words from Lars,” a bi-monthly 5- minute internal podcast, recorded by Sh bygg’s CEO.

Since May 2020, Sh bygg has an internal podcast. Every other week, CEO Lars Svensson records a short audio broadcast. He discusses the industry, shares information about the company and its future, provides general guidance, and celebrates accomplishments.

Corporadio’s unique technology made it simple for every employee working from an office or a construction site to subscribe and listen to the podcast. No app or technical knowledge of any sort required.

Sh bygg promoted the CEO’s podcast in their internal magazine and using small posters with a QR-code that people could scan to subscribe to the podcast.

As CEO Lars Svensson cannot be everywhere simultaneously, regular, short audio broadcasts help him get heard by its collaborators on all sites and offices.

Lars Svensson, CEO of Sh bygg

Lars Svensson
CEO at Sh bygg

Corporadio can also help your team.

About Corporadio.

Since 2018, our platform enables leaders, managers, and CEOs to spread their message. Our users include Swedish politicians (MPs, locally elected politicians), and small and mid-size businesses.
The company is established in Sweden, and we operate from Sweden, France, and the Netherlands.

Corporadio is a product of Politicast AB, registered in Sweden under the organization number: 559215-3463

You can mail us at: Postbox 2186 - 750 02 Uppsala, Sweden.

Our headquarters are located in Uppsala, Sweden.


Why start a Corporadio podcast?

Podcasts have entered the mainstream market. The chances are that your employees are already listening to some podcasts on a regular basis.
Podcasts rehumanize communication thanks to the voice. Voice is human, voice is personal.
It conveys emotions and intentions.
Audio is also easy to produce and easy to consume.

Why choose Corporadio for your podcast?

We specialize in leadership podcasts. We created Corporadio to empower you, the CEO, manager, or leader in your team’s communication.
Our whole product is designed to be easy to use, both for the podcaster and the listeners.
When you decide to work with us, you also leverage our expertise on the subject. We will provide you with the help and resources needed to launch your podcast successfully.

Corporadio’s key features:

Subscribe via SMS: people subscribe by sending a secret code via SMS. No app to download.Email filtering: restrict access to your podcast to people with an email address from your company.Q&A: receive questions and comments from your listeners, ready to embed in a future episode.SMS notification: employees won’t miss an episode.


Private podcasts to build trust with your employees.

The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden. The product is built from Sweden 🇸🇪, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 and France 🇫🇷.


Postbox 2186
750 02 Uppsala, Sweden

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